There's Bad Hair Days, and Then There's THIS Guy....

Sometimes you see someone and just have to step back and say WOW! I think I saw THE WORST haircut ever, and I think it was on purpose but not in a funny jokey kind of way, more like he actually thought it was cool. The guy had one of those oversized heads with a way too skinny neck supporting his large oblong shaped cranium wearing a grubby white tee-shirt, very reminiscent of someone a bit on the inbred side of the old south (Banjo music in the background please) The receding hairline was very pronounce with one of those little hair islands sitting in the middle, atop his five-head with a styled curl, almost Squiggy-like while the rest of his head was shaved with a number two guide up until the back of his ears, then it was like a long shag mullet in the back. I have to give it to the guy though, he was rockin’ that doo and hitting on these two women who were clearly out of his league and telling stories, trying to be humorous and smart. Now I don’t know if the ladies felt sorry for him or were just in shock but they put up with him for at least fifteen minutes before he moved on. Truly a site to behold was this quaff, if he comes in again I will have to get a picture so I may share the true glory that words themselves cannot do justice.


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