Crazy is as Crazy Does

Sometimes it’s interesting how offended people get when you are acting very rationally and being very reasonable but it isn’t what they want to hear. I was trying to be very polite to this woman last night even though she seemed a bit off kilter, she was acting sober and was a bit strange, but for all intents and purposes seemed very servable, definitely within my duties as a bartender (yes, I said duty). There was however that little voice in the back of my head saying “I don’t know man, this one could bite you in the ass!” of course I shook it off, disregarding common sense. Then the weirdness kicked in. Talking to strangers like she knew them, giving people back rubs that she didn’t know, and them looking at me with that strange smile on their face, as to say “Is this ok? I’m not really ok with this.” Finally she looks at me and says “Why haven’t you carded me?” pointing at the sign that states if you look under 35 you will be carded. I simply said “Well, I figure you look almost double that so there’s no need!” She gasped, said a few choice words and left. It’s nice to be creative when you need to ask someone to leave without even having to ask.

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