The 80's Weren't All Good

Having grown up in the 80’s, I am a fan of a lot of the culture from those times as I like to reminisce about a simpler way of life without cell phones (at least ones that didn’t weigh ten pounds or more) with crazy hairstyles, funky clothes and new music without a disco theme. My LEAST favorite part about the 80’s was the coked up business guy that always needed to be noticed and always talked about money. How to make money, spend money, avoid taxes and how much money they have, and had to be the loudest guy in the place so everyone noticed them. Well, that guy showed up last night, pinstriped pink shirt and all. Look Rip Van Winkle, we didn’t like you then and we don’t like you now, maybe if you go back to sleep for another twenty years you’ll be back in style, OR you could just quit being an ass hat.

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