Hard, Not Hard

In the immortal words of Neil Sedaka, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” and that is a fact for the demise of some relationships. If your boyfriend has Erectile Dysfunction and is addicted to porn this could create some insurmountable obstacles for a future with this person, now add in that this person also has been cheating on you, that makes it seem like breaking up wouldn’t be all that difficult of a feat to accomplish. Kick that dud to the curb, go out, get extremely drunk and be done with that. The fact that everyone in the bar knows exactly how you feel about all this could be considered too much information, or TMI as the kids say these days. For future reference, you might want to keep this sort of venting down to a few close friends and a pointed letter to mister sad wiener, stating that you hope he has contracted some sort of STD from one of his indiscretions and you never liked his broke dick anyway. Falling off the barstool did seem to lighten the mood a bit though, so thank you for that.


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