The Trough

Yes, we have a piss trough in the Men’s bathroom at work and it is spectacular! Complete with a rainforest style flush system, it really is a sight to behold. Some people are big fans of the trough, while others aren’t quite sure about sharing their bladder relief time with others in such a close proximity with their parts on display. Well, to those people I say, lighten up man, nobody is trying to sneak a peek at your stuff, get over yourself, we’re all just trying to get a little relief. I’ve seen many things in the trough, ranging from vomit to clothing and everything in between, this has never been a surprise to me, after all, it is in a bar bathroom. I did, however, hear something in there the other night that cracked me up. There was a kid in there taking a piss, talking to the other guy doing the same and he says “Man, it’s kind of weird peeing in the cow feeder!” Seriously? A cow feeder? Its a trough!! Kids these days! At least his friend corrected him.


For the sake of gender equality is there said trough offered to the ladies? I can see the advantage of cleanup of the extra bodily functions included in a bar setting and was just curious? Cheers Aa

If there were any room to put on in thereI would suggest it!


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