Bathroom Etiquette or Lack Thereof

They say judgment is one of the first things compromised when you start drinking, and the young man in the bathroom last night was a perfect example of just such judgment loss, either that or he was just an idiot. As I stood at the urinal last night in a crowded bathroom (keeping in mind the bathroom is about eight feet by eight feet and five people make it crowded) a young man in the stall behind me says “Hey, did anyone lose a pack of smokes?” He then picked up the cigarettes off the floor and said “It’s a pretty full pack! Does anybody want them?” Really man? Who wants a pack of bathroom floor smokes? Yes apparently that guy did when he said “Oh well, no takers? I guess they’re mine!” It gets better, as I am washing my hands he says from the stall “Who left a beer in here? That’s weird!” as I hear him pick it up off of the tank off of the back of the toilet. I said “Are you sure that’s beer? Just because it’s yellow doesn’t mean it’s beer, you might want to put that down.” He immediately responds “Gross! That smells like piss! Who would do that?” Ok, who would pick up a beer off of the back of a toilet and smell it? Or even pick it up at all? There are rules about public bathrooms, unwritten rules that we should all follow, like don’t pick up anything off of anything unless you put it there. Not the floor, not the toilet, and you should definitely not smell anything off of the floor or toilet! The only thing you should be able to smell in a public bathroom is bad air “fresheners”, urinal cakes and the shame leftover by past patrons. I sincerely hope that anyone as stupid as this guy is just drunk and not normally like this, otherwise I don’t believe there is any way he could have lived long enough to go out drinking in a bar. Oh, and by the way, the three guys that left the bathroom before me failed to wash their hands before exiting the bathroom. And people wonder why we don’t have bowls of pretzels or peanuts on the bar.


Oh man, this blog is an amazing find. I was just having an email exchange with two buddies that I worked at Mt. Bachelor with in the 1999 season, and we were reminiscing about several of Bend's characters. The number one person we miss is our old lift supervisor and friend, Buck Bales. So Buck, from Harry Carmack, David Cook and Jason Stiles, you better look us up next time you are in San Francisco! Or we'll come see you at the D.

Hey Harry! Great to hear from you man! Are you guys on Facebook or just emailing? Either way let me know!


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