Happy Mother's Day Mother Fu**ers!

This day is a special day, so instead of telling you all about the guy that sprayed crap all over the men’s bathroom toilet (yes, literally all over the toilet) the tweaker chick that I chewed out for being an irrational psycho (imagine that!) or the three people that destroyed the two bathrooms in the bar with vomit, I thought I’d send out a positive message to everyone today. Thanks to all the moms that didn’t do all that bad stuff I told you about from last night! Seriously though, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you awesome women out there that gave all of us a place on this earth, so that we can be the pain in your ass and the twinkle in your eye, all within the same breath. We love you mom!


Thanksamundo for the post.Really thank you! Awesome. akdeccecddfd


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