Nice Bandana

Working, working, working having fun, fun, fun and then enter the long haired pretentious twit with a bandana on. Just because I ran your credit card, after not having been given any special instruction to clear your tab otherwise, this does not give you the right to declare that you think that you could be a better bartender. Also, when you are about five foot nothing, you should really be careful of what comes out of your mouth. Luckily I am a patient person, but someday you might run into someone that will want to put a foot up your pseudo-intellectual ass for being such a pompous fop. This, however, would not be me as I know that in most cases like this ignorance and arrogance on the other person’s part can cloud their judgment on making a competent decision when they think the person they are dealing with is beneath them. My response to his comment, I believe, was “Well I guess you’re entitled to your opinion.” Instead of “Go fuck yourself.”


I was well on my way to being fished into this one. Ooo, I was so hoping it was about guys who wear bandanas. Alas, I did not get my chance to remind you that I have a photo of you in a bandanna from back in the '90s. Another time my friend.


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