Steak Yes, But Hold The Skirt Steak Thank You

For all of the psychos and annoying happenings last night, the bums and the tweaker family circus (happy birthday by the way to the sister-cousin-girlfriend) there was an awesome ray of sunshine. I got to introduce someone to the ribeye steak. One of my regulars had never had a steak at our place and was getting really excited about trying it, that is until I introduced him to the ribeye steak and eggs breakfast with hash browns, a biscuit and gravy, then he was ecstatic. The look of anticipation on his face reminded me something along the lines of how I must have looked the first time I got to go on the big rides at the fair as a youngster, complete and utter joy. His mind was racing when the medium rare beauty was placed in front of him. Where to start? After the first bite of that seared brown monster I could tell he was asking himself “What took me so long to do this?” It was great to introduce someone to a new gastronomic experience, so simple, yet so satisfying. When he was done the look of satisfaction beaming from his face was worth all the buffoonery that I had to put up with the rest of the evening. Even hearing about the lap dance that my cook got out on the back patio couldn’t ruin my night after that, and trust me, the mental images that are still seared into my brain after hearing about jelly ass on his thigh are not going to be easy to ignore for a good long while.


Buck, your posts make me laugh out loud, missed you last weekend, hope the Winterfest was great!


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