Buck's Inaugural Post AKA Breaking The Seal

Hello and welcome to all! This is kind of exciting for me to be able to get going on this project, which has been made possible by my good friend Dylan Edwards who is still creating this blog for me so I can post about all my exploits at the bar. As most of you know I am a bartender in Bend, OR and have been posting about some of the funny, obnoxious or just plain ludacris things that happen to me at work on my Facebook page. I am hoping to be able to continue this for all the people that follow my posts already and share my tales with others not on Facebook. Keep in mind, the look will be changing from time to time until we get all the bugs worked out, until then I will be posting here and on Facebook as well.

I do believe the weather played a part in the slow evening that was looking to be uneventful, but thank God for twenty-first birthdays! Three girls out on the town on a Wednesday night can still have a good time when they put their mind to it. Although I do believe that, between the three of them, they only had one mind after the first round of drinks. It's a good thing I was around to help steer them in the right direction. Stars (Bend's version of a strip club) is a good place for three young girls to stay out of trouble, right?



Thats awesome! Wish we had a follow up on these 3. Great page, its going on the favorites list.

This is going to be hours of entertainment. Thanks for sharing Buck!

Hey this will be awesome facebooks timeline shit won't be making your nightly stories jump up and down...great idea!!!:*)



Buck, I'm glad you're doing this! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world that I knew were there when I was 5 (maybe earlier)! I hope you take off to new heights with this and find overwhelming success! You will always have my friendship and support!

This is awesome! I can't wait until you get this published and the book is on coffee tables everywhere!! Have fun buddy.


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