You Can't Disguise Stupid

Meriam Webster has several definitions for a chameleon, one of which is “One that is subject to quick or frequent change especially in appearance.” Which brings me to last night’s highlight, who was trying to be a chameleon by changing shirts after getting cut off, but only accomplished looking the fool and pissing me off. When you enter a bar and the first thing out of your mouth is “Fuck Idaho! Never go there! Those cops suck!” you will be judged, not for your personal views on Idaho or cops, but because you are acting like a drunk jackass. The second time the drunkard came in, he was wearing a different shirt and got into a verbal spat with one of the other bartenders and was asked to leave and not come back for the night. He should have really taken that cue and went to chill out, but oh no, he came in a third time and called me an asshole because he was refused service and argued with me and told me to call the cops to have him removed. You sir have now officially pushed me over the line and will receive a verbal lashing, at the very least, and the possibility of physical removal, which fortunately did not happen as he made one good decision and left with minimal disturbance and chose not to return for the night. I thought to myself “This guy is going to get arrested tonight.” He did, not because of us, but because he must have taken it to the next level somewhere else. Thank you Karma!

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