When the Apple Falls

When the apple fell on Newton’s head it inspired him to greatness, the law of gravity will forever be thought of, in its beginnings, as some guy in funny pants getting hit with an apple. Had I seen it with my own two eyes, I would have laughed until I made a wet spot in me nickers. I did, however get to see another kind of apple fall tonight, and it didn’t fall far from the tree, in fact, it may have been leaning against the trunk when all was said and done. This kid came in, a bit wobbly and cross eyed, and said “Hey, you know my mom Debbie!” As they said the name, the resemblance was unmistakable, that’s when all the bad memories associated with the aforementioned Debbie came rushing in from over the years, and the trademark crazy eye sent a shiver of bad bar memories running down my spine. I simply said “Yeah, I remember your mom.” They said “Can I put a drink on her tab?” I said “Nope, she isn’t allowed to have a tab here and I can’t serve you, Have a good night.” That’s when I got the disturbing thousand-yard stare, looking right through me, while at the same time trying to comprehend what had just taken place in the conversation not seconds before. So, I went about my business, helping other customers and trying to ignore the uncomfortable situation unfolding before me. After about five minutes, I finally returned to this kid with the same look on their face as when I left them, like someone who has been stuck in an infinite loop and can’t reason their way out of it. That’s when I said “Maybe it’s time to move on, have a good night!” and they left. While an apple a day may keep the doctor away, don’t eat the apple closest to the tree, it may have gone bad.

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