Unimpressive Duke-Bag

One way to be very unimpressive and seem slightly racist and sexist at the same time is to come up to the bar and say (not being sarcastic I might add) “Wow, you’re not even close to as hot as the Asian chick with the hot ass that was working earlier!” Yes asshole, thanks for not thinking I have a hot ass, and judging by the wedding ring on your finger, your wife wouldn’t be too stoked on your statement either. As I was making his drink, one of my customers sitting next to him pointed out that he was in a locals bar and might want to be a little more discerning about how he spoke about the people that worked there and be a little more respectful. When I came back with his drink he was apologizing all over the place. I told him we were fine and to enjoy his drink, he’s not the only douche bag I’ve ever served after all. The straw that broke the camel’s back though was when he was asking people if they had anything that would help “wake him up”. That’s when I knew he was done for the night. Sorry pal, now you’re pissing everyone off, go away, preferably back to North Carolina.

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