Two Things That Don't Go Good Together!

Hey, you got your meth on my video poker! No! You got your video poker on my meth! What happens when you put video poker together with a shameless tweaker so high he might never come down? Over an hour of pure viewing pleasure! This guy was so worked up he couldn’t contain himself and was so animated you couldn’t help watching in amazement at his antics. Throwing his arms up in the air, rubbing his face, standing up, sitting down, almost climbing the machine and spilling the contents of his bag all over the floor were just some of his moves. I have to say, anyone that is obviously high and still willing to go out in public just to gamble has a lot of guts or just doesn’t care who knows how much meth he’s using. After gambling for over an hour on several machines and not cashing out a ticket, I would have only one thing to say to this guy. Go get some help! I don’t even care which issue you address first, just go get some help before you hurt somebody or yourself, I think I pulled a muscle just watching!

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