Survival Tip Of The Day

Friday Night Survival Tip: If you have just met someone at the bar and have felt the need to apologize for their bad behavior, especially after they have referred to people within earshot as “bitches” run! Get away from them and don’t look back, otherwise the bartender may take some delight at the look on your face as you try to de-escalate the situation that has been thrust upon you. Chances are that this person may be certifiably crazy, if you think this may be the case you might want to ask them about any cool scars they might have. If the term “stab wound” comes up in the conversation you may want to have some sort of excuse to get away immediately, like a family emergency or lighting yourself on fire. At any rate, people like this are not worth your time unless you are indeed looking to get noticed on such places as the inmate list at your local jail. Trust me, those photos are not very flattering.

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