Stuff and Junk

From now on I'm going to keep my drivers license, my cash and my credit cards in my underwear. Why might you ask? I'm not sure exactly, but if women can keep all that stuff stashed in their bra covered in boob sweat I don't see why I can't get a little junk funk on my forms of currency and identification. Take the girl from last night for example. I asked for IDs from the group of friends that came in and everyone got out their wallets and purses, gladly producing proper documentation, except for one. She reached into her shirt, under her bra and basically had to wrestle her left boob into submission to give up her ID, her warm slightly moist ID. Now, if I were to walk into an establishment and do the same thing, except pull it out of my underwear I would probably be asked to leave immediately and possibly have to register as a sex offender. (I'm not sure how that sort of thing works) At any rate, nobody wants to be subjected to that. It's an undergarment ladies, not a purse.

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