A Shot Too Far

When communicating to someone that they are no longer going to be served an alcoholic beverage the reactions vary from person to person. Some take it well and other people not so much. Now sometimes, if someone is being a generally pleasant customer but is getting close to having enough you give them the pre-cutoff warning, like "Hey, I'm glad you're having a good time, but I think this is going to be the last drink I'll be able to serve you tonight. It's nothing personal, I just don't want to put you over the top." Generally, people appreciate the honesty and the heads up when this happens, not everyone, but it is usually well received. Now, last night, the guy that was given the pre-cutoff did not take it well at first. When my co-worker informed him that the shot he just received, which was his fourth in a short period of time, would be his last for the evening he said "Why? You don't even know me!" She responded "Exactly! If I knew you I would know how you handle your alcohol, but I don't, and don't want you to fall off your seat." He grumbled about it and went and sat with his friends. Not ten minutes later, what happened? Yup, the dumbass fell out of his chair trying to flag her down, then got helped out of the bar by his friends because he couldn't figure out how to get to the door. Sorry buddy, looks like we cut you off one shot short, at least you didn't fall in the piss trough.

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