Of Poop And Douche Bags

• Last night was a story of poop and douche bags. I don’t think I had been at work for even an hour last night when someone was nice enough to come up to me and say “Hey, the bathroom is in pretty rough shape, you should check it out.” So, like an idiot I did. Yes, the soap dispenser was in four pieces and the toilet was backed up with about a roll of toilet paper and shit. Not just in the toilet but on the toilet as well. How, may I ask, do you not know where your butthole is pointing? Did you get your sphincter relocated to the middle of your butt cheek because of some horrible accident or were you just too wasted to take a proper shit? Also, the toilet paper thing, I’m not sure where to even start with that. At any rate, eww! And really!?! Yes, after some serious cleaning and cussing it was done and I was able to move on to the rest of the evening. After collecting myself I started thinking the night might be a total bust but I was wrong again. Luckily we got busy enough to keep the night interesting, including someone trying to use free beer coupons. Sorry buddy, we don’t take those or Monopoly money or chickens in trade for beer, just regular old currency will be just fine thank you, but the bathroom is clean just in case you need it.

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