Poking Out The Mind's Eye

In life, sometimes the horrible nature of a situation doesn’t actually set in right away. Yes there are people drinking around me at all times while I am at work so I am fairly impervious to being surprised or shocked about anything, last night was definitely an exception that will not be soon forgotten. It was a slow Saturday night so I had time to talk to my regulars and enjoy some catch up time with everyone. As I walked down toward the kitchen I was in a good mood, having just finished a conversation with someone I had not seen for a while and then, WHAM! There she was, a woman I had loathed to see. I have 86’d this person from at least two bars and was going to at a third but never got the chance to. She likes to fight, throw things and, is in general, a bartender’s nightmare. So there I was, with the knowledge that this situation would not end well and trying to think of a solution that would not require either the cops or physical extraction. That’s when it happened, she stood up to confront my bouncer and…… All that I can say is that it was like slow motion kicked in. Her pants fell completely to the floor, and what I had hoped were thin oddly colored panties, were not in fact panties at all but her bare naked ass exposed for the whole world to see. I can believe that anyone looking at me at the time saw nothing but shock and horror come across my face as I realized what had just happened, but like a good train wreck I could not force myself to look away. As she tried to wrestle her jeans back on it just got worse, flesh was just getting jerked around like it was refusing to be trapped by the denim dungeon that it had just escaped. After finally getting things back into their proper vestments, she had calmed down enough to get a cab and be on her way. But the damage had been done, not just to me but numerous patrons that had the unfortunate opportunity to see the horrible event. Sometimes it would be nice if you could shake your head like an Etch-A-Sketch and erase what you just saw, unfortunately we cannot.



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