Why hello there full moon! How’s it going? I see you stirred things up again as usual, leaving it up to us bartenders and servers to help bring people down off the ledge and sent back on their way. Yeah, thanks for that. Honestly, it was a pretty mellow night, things were moving along just fine until the last half hour before closing. That’s when I was reminded of why the term “lunacy” exists. It is a derivative of the word Luna, which is moon, and the behavior associated with the affects the full moon has on people. I can tell you what the affect is on people when combined with alcohol, complete douchebaggery, that’s what. Do you feel the need to walk behind the bar? Go right ahead! Want to start a problem with a stranger? Why not! It’s almost a full moon! It’s like a get out of jail free card, except for the fact that there is no excuse for being a jackass and jail is real folks. Here’s an idea, let’s all try to behave like adults and recognize when the wheels are starting to come off the cart and stop to make sure the lug nuts are still attached.

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