Lonely Hot Mess

It was a classic mellow night at the bar, steady but mellow. Everyone was having a good time and then, like it always does, shit hit the fan in the form of two cute girls and more drama than their friends wanted to deal with. It started when they came in and sat at a table full of guys just kicking back and enjoying themselves. That’s when I heard someone mutter “I hate stupid people!” Then I was surprised when one of the guys left the table to come and sit up at the bar. I asked him if I could get him something and he responded “No thanks, I just had to get away from those stupid girls, seriously, they’re hot but Fuck them!” I just laughed and went about my business thinking about how funny it was that even hot chicks scare guys off when they’re acting psycho. That’s when the yelling started and a glass got broken by one of the girls having a drama tantrum. I cleaned up the mess and proceeded to tell her and her friend to leave and not come back since they obviously couldn’t grasp the concept of acting like adults in a public place. I have to say, I have never witnessed four grown men more appreciative of me kicking out hot girls that wanted to talk to them. They hung out until closing and enjoyed themselves, drama free, for the rest of the night. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that gets sick of seeing people thinking that they can behave however they want without any consequence just because they think they’re special. Oh, they’re special alright, the kind of special that leaves you outside in the cold because you got kicked out of the bar kind of special.

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