The Key To Happiness

There comes a time in everyone’s life where their resolve is tested to the core in a possible life changing moment of clarity that can re-direct their path to a higher state of being. This did not happen to me last night. Instead, I got to witness the pathetic aftermath of a grown woman in her fifties throw her keys at someone she was mad at, hitting one of my co-workers and a customer and then proceed to bawl her eyes out like a scorned thirteen year old girl. Actually, I have a thirteen year old girl that doesn’t behave that poorly, so my apologies to the thirteen year old female community at large for that last statement. But I digress. Alcohol is not for everyone, and in certain situations can make a perfectly rational person a complete monster depending on their state of mind. So, keeping this in mind, if you have been drinking and feel the need to throw your keys at someone, stop and think “Is this going to make me look like a psycho?” The answer will always be yes, it most certainly will.

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