Just Your Average Everyday Dipshits

I think a sitcom test run came into the bar last night. I didn’t see any cameras or anything like that around, but those networks can be sneaky you know. It was the perfect scenario, you take four friends, the nerdy intellectual (Rustle), the slovenly micro-brew hoodie wearer (Boner), the dreadlock guy with a Where’s Waldo hat on (Darnell) and a guy that looks like Napoleon Dynamite but with a leather jacket and a Jean Claude Van Damme pony tail (Jackson) and there you have it. A perfect misfit bunch of drunken scalawags out on the town to make a few laughs on a ski vacation, looking for a little action. First Boner accidentally insults a cute girl at the bar, her boyfriend gets mad so Darnell try’s to smooth things over and only makes it worse so Jackson has to step in and kick some ass while Rustle pays the bill so everyone can beat it before the fuzz shows up. There you go major network, there is your first episode of “Just Your Average Everyday Dipshits” and I give this to you free of charge. Only, instead of a fight they were just loud and obnoxious and didn’t actually do anything interesting. Yeah, so what, I make up shit in my head to entertain myself at work. At least I wash my hands after using the bathroom.

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