Impotent Jerk

Why is it that some people just don’t get it? By the time you are in your fifties you should have at least a bit of self respect and half a clue on how to conduct yourself. Whether it’s in public or in life, this is something you should have learned through a few hard lessons and “character building” experiences along the way in your decades upon this planet earth. When you come into the bar at closing time with your “date” who happens to be wearing a red-wine stained blazer and a nose that WC Fields would be proud of, and start hitting on younger and hotter chicks than your Hawaiian shirt, cargo short wearing fat ass should even be talking too, you should recognize that you have a problem. Just go home, take care of business with your latest sugar mama (seriously, she should be checked for diabetes) and leave the rest of us alone, we are just trying to do our job and get home to relax. Some dead giveaway clues that you may not be wanted in the bar at closing time could be, but are not limited to, that nobody acknowledges your existence even though you are loud and obnoxious, when someone finally talks to you it is to tell you they are no longer serving and that they are closing and then when you keep hanging around you are repeatedly asked to leave because its closing time. If you can’t find a way to catch on to these simple hints there is no hope for you and you should just continue on being an obnoxious ass, because I’m sure that’s what will be happening. See you tomorrow jackass.

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