Hur Dee Dur

Nothing starts my work day off like having two derelict morons sitting at the bar acting like total buffoons. The first thing that happened when I walk behind the bar was this little bummy guy says “Hey Brother, show me your tattoo.” So I pull up my shirt sleeve and he says “Oh, there ain’t no Jesus shit on there, those ain’t worth shit!” I had to hold back from making a comment that would be too harsh and I’m not exactly sure what “Jesus shit” is but I’m sure he didn’t appreciate his name being thrown around like that. As it was, a smart response would have been wasted on this dimwit and probably would have started a bit of an unnecessary confrontation. That is not how I like to start my day so I simply said “Hey, to each his own.” and moved on. I then went over to the other bartender and told her to make sure Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb were uninvited to the party before she left, which she took care of in short order. There’s nothing like an ignorant wretch to get you going at the start of your day, adrenaline works faster than caffeine every time.

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