Hugs and Helmets

When going into a bar, I’m sure most people’s thoughts running through their head do not include “Hey, I think I’ll interrupt the bartender while he is super busy taking someone’s order to see if they have Fireball and then act like a jerk when he ignores me then tells me to wait my turn.” Well, you guessed it, that is exactly what happened. Now, while the direct offender is a great source of frustration in this situation, the real problem will have to fall upon the parents of said idiot. People, teach your kids manners when they are young so I don’t have to do it for you when they get older, it’s not my job. Getting your kids drunk so they make bad decisions, then have to call you at three in the morning to pick them up from the police station, yeah, that’s my job, and once again, back to that parenting thing. It’s not TV’s fault, or the schools and teacher’s fault, or their dumbass friends, it’s your fault for not giving them the tools to take on grownup life. Now, let’s say you did try to give them a good example of how to be a good person when they grow up and they are still entitled, rude jerks that make bad decisions. Well, I think at that point you have to chalk it up to natural selection and accept them for what they are and give them lots of hugs, and a helmet.

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