How Old Are You?

Imagine this if you will, the lights are turned up in a nearly empty bar, all the chairs are up on the tables and there are about five people sitting around finishing their drinks getting ready to leave. This is a very peaceful ending to a fairly busy night. Then, the door opens and two sweaty hefty guys walk in and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is “Wow, we made it on time!” Now, the first thought that goes through my head is “In time for what?” We are obviously closing, so what are you in time for? I look at one of the guys and noticed they were obviously drunk and said “Sorry guys, we’re done serving.” They instantly start whining, of course, because it’s “only” one thirty and they need a drink. Now, anyone that has kids can imagine how annoying this scenario went down. “Why are you closed? Come on! I just want one drink! Why can’t I have a drink?” was repeated about twenty times. Well, my response to all of these statements and questions was “Because we are closing and we are done serving.” That is until I finally got fed up with their bullshit and said “Because I said so! Now go away! You are not getting anything!” Then the response changed to “Well, where can we get a drink then?” So I directed them to the bar that I know is open the latest and ignored them. Those two rolley-polley drunks finally wobbled off in search of more booze and , more importantly, shut the hell up. So today I give thanks, not just for them leaving, but for me showing enough restraint not to lose my voice yelling at them like misbehaved eight year olds. Grownups? I’ll show you a grownup!

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