Halloween is a time for festive costumes, drinking and having fun with your friends. Now, last night had some awesome costumes, like the ten foot Jesus, and plenty of merriment. No, I was not in the least disappointed, however there were those bah-humbuggers that just should have stayed home. Take for example the no costume wearing, not hanging out with anybody guy that passed out on the bar. Really? It’s Halloween man! At least checking out the naughty nurse or the robots should have kept his attention! Well, we got him on his way without issue and all was good with the world. The people that were bugging the shit out of me though were the impatient people waving their money at me from five people back in line. Seriously people, do you think I’m going to piss all these other patient folks off just because you have money in your hand? Yes, it always takes longer for them to get their drink for some reason, and that reason is because I am a spiteful jerk. At least that’s what they think, and I’m ok with that.

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