Festival Faux Pas

Summertime is festival season here in Central Oregon, and with that comes the hordes of tourists that want to see what “small town” life in Oregon is really like. Apparently, life here consists of getting wobbly in the beer garden at “Whateverthedrunk” festival is going on that weekend, then expecting to get served at the local watering hole. Oops! As I was in the midst of getting my proverbial ass kicked last night, four people deep at the bar, I notice a guy half slumped over, sporting the thousand-yard stare. I left him alone for about ten minutes to not have to deal with cutting him off, hoping the issue would resolve itself and he would get the hint that he was not being served and just leave. Nope, he was determined to get a drink, or just forgot where he was and what he was doing, either way, he was taking up valuable real estate so I had to recognize his existence. I said “Hey! Sorry man but I can’t serve you, you look like you’ve had fun today so I’m going to have to say goodnight, nothing personal, have a good night.” Then he looks up and says “What? No, I’ve been sitting here for forty-five minutes, you haven’t even given me a drink! I’m fine!” I just looked at him and said “No, you haven’t been served because you’re already drunk, on top of that, you haven’t been here for forty-five minutes. If you had been sitting here for that long waiting for a drink then you are either drunk or an idiot. I don’t have time to argue with you, go away.” He started to say something and the guy next to him says “Do you really want to piss that guy off? He’s a nice guy, you should probably just go.” (I bought that guy a beer) I guess my point is, just because you are not at home, treat the people and establishments that you go to on vacation like they are your regular places where you live. Would you give your local bartender a hard time because they are doing their job? If the answer is yes, then you are probably just a jerk anyway.

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