Down And Out Of The Pidgeonhloe

Young, dumb and full of chew spit would be how I classify the group of guys that came into the bar last night. I have to say, they were nice enough guys if not a bit on the redneck side. Growing up in a small town I am accustom to someone needing a “spitter” and more than happy to give them one, rather that have them spit on the floor, that’s just good manners. Anyway, as I’m making a drink for one of the guys, one of the younger guys in the group walks up to him and kind of pulls him aside to talk and I hear him say “Hey man, I’m not a bitch!” Now, instantly this puts me on fight alert, as that is a statement that can have adverse affects to the usually easy going atmosphere in the bar, so I pay close attention to what they’re saying in a nonchalant fashion. The other guy in the conversation says in reply “Then quit acting like a bitch man! You’re the one making a big deal out of this! Man up!” I was honestly waiting for punches to be thrown and me having to be breaking up a fight between two good old boys with three others in the wings. That’s when the reply from the other camo clad dude came in and sounded a little bit, shall we say, a little more than friends, when he said “Why do you always act like this when you’re drunk? You always have to call me out and make me look bad in front of our friends!” I finished making my drink, a bit more relaxed, as they kept on with their conversation, served it to the gentleman and went about my business. The times they are a changing, and whether they were just buddies or more than that is none of my business. I knew there was nothing to worry about more than just some hurt feelings, nothing that another beer and a hug couldn’t fix anyway. It’s funny how stereotyping people can make you feel like an ass, and twenty years ago it would have undoubtedly been a full blown throw down, but fortunately that was not the case last night. Here’s to all the more enlightened progressive thinking people, no matter what background they come from. Cheers!

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