Constant State Of Befuddlement

At some point in the night while drinking, the cognitive thinking process starts to break down. For example, when you ask for a “Bud Light draft” and the bartender says “I’m sorry, I only have that in a bottle” the proper responses that would be acceptable should be one of the following.
1. “Do you have Bud on draft?”
2. “What else do you have on draft?”
3. “Perfect!”
The unacceptable response from the sober, albeit socially awkward, customer that I got (with a very confused look I might add) was “Well, can I get that in a sixteen ounce?” Thankfully for this guy I was in a good mood, also, I knew my quick response of “What part about ONLY bottles did you not understand?” would have been lost on this guy, so I calmly said “The bottles are twelve ounces, if that works for you?” He looked at me, still befuddled, and before he could respond his friend pipes in and says “Perfect!” Thank God that guy read the Idiot’s Guide to Ordering a Drink at a Bar, after all, you can only put up with so much crap on your Friday night.

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