Bad Decision Thursday

Now, I have heard of people misplacing almost everything, from keys to credit cards and even an urn with a loved one inside. I do it myself from time to time, which is why it isn’t a surprise to me when someone else does. Life gets busy, things happen and stuff gets lost. Now, when someone can’t find their car in a four-block radius one of a couple of situations has happened. The two most common scenarios are either the person, or people, have parked in a tow away zone and need to contact the towing company that came and took their car away or they got drunk and are too wasted to recognize their own car. Now, when two older women of questionable sobriety came into the bar stating that they needed a break from looking for their lost car to have a drink and then go find the vehicle in question I had to ask myself, is this really a good idea? If you are too drunk to find your car in the first place, shouldn’t you just try to find it after sobering up? Just an idea folks. Of course, this could be why we call it bad decision Thursday.

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