...And Thanks For All The Shoes

“Rules are meant to be broken!” Yes this is something that we have all heard at one point or another and sometimes this rings true, especially around freedom day, while everyone is in the spirit of exercising their freedoms. However, sometimes those rules are good to have in place. Take for example, the restaurant and bar business. If washing your hands after using the bathroom was not a rule or making sure food was handled properly or stored at the proper temperature was something that was ignored it would not only be gross but also it would be a health risk. This is just a preface for a conversation that I had with a would-be customer last night. I went out in front of the bar to check on the level of foot traffic roaming around downtown last night when this guy that looked homeless walked up to me and asked “Hey man, are you guys still open?” I noticed he wasn’t wearing any shoes and said “Yeah, we’re still open, but you’re going to have to put on some shoes before you come in man.” He kind of gave a sigh and said “Oh, yeah.” Then he got this thoughtful look in his face and said “What if not wearing shoes is part of my religious beliefs? Like I am against wearing shoes because I believe it’s harmful to the earth or something and it’s my religion? Don’t you have to let me in then?” I simply told him that unfortunately it’s against the state health code to allow people into the restaurant without shoes and it’s also a liability to us as there could be broken glass or other things on the floor that could cut people’s feet that are not protected by shoes. He looked at me kind of confused and then piped up with the retort “Look man, I don’t believe in laws man! I don’t wear shoes and you shouldn’t either!” Then he looked down at my Dr. Marten’s creepers and his eyes kind of bugged out and said “Ok, you can wear shoes man, those things are awesome! Never mind! Rock on dude!” What’s the score? Dr. Marten’s-1, made up crazy guy religion-0.

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