July 2013

Free With A Price

To start off with, the Iron Man Award goes to a buddy of mine that I golfed with earlier yesterday that was drinking while we golfed, went on two mountain bike rides and finished the night at my bar. Kudos my friend, you are as much an animal as your mother. (Inside joke) while he is the iron man, the Flaccid Man Award goes to the guy last night that chased away three girls at once while ordering drinks for all of them without asking, and if you are wondering, yes, that is cheesy.

Taking Out The Trash

I know I have written about it before, but customers that whistle at me to get a drink, especially when I’m getting my ass kicked can go rot their brain cells somewhere else. Look asshole, if the bartender is obviously busy and you have to wait a little while for a drink it’s not the end of the world. Since last night was one of the busiest nights ever at work (seriously, some of the best sales ever) I was in no mood for such disrespectful acts being thrown in my direction. I simply looked at the group of festival trash and said “You’re going to whistle at me for a drink?

To Boldly Go......

Watching this guy last night that came into the bar definitely reinforced the notion that meth is never the thing to do under any circumstance. He seemed nice enough at first, was very polite and ordered his beer like anyone else, then, after I had turned around, I heard a slap on the bar. I turned and looked and he had that deer in the headlights look to him, just figuring out that he had drawn unwanted attention to himself. I kept an eye on him and in the next few minutes noticed him talking to himself and acting quite strangely.

Drunk-Ass or Just An Ass?

Drunk, disrespectful and forgetful is no way to go through life. Also, wearing a ridiculous hat and a gold chain outside your dirty t-shirt is not a good way to help your cause, it merely reinforces the fact that I think you are a dumbass. When I am nice enough to tell someone once that “Hey man, I’m sorry but I can’t serve you tonight. It’s nothing personal, it just seems that you have had a few already and you need to move on.” I don’t expect to have the same conversation again, and especially not in a nice calm tone.

Sucky, Mean Old Lady

Mean people suck, especially when they are in a good mood when they are getting their way and turn mean when something is not exactly how they think it should be. Take for instance the woman last night, she was well dressed and nice looking, hanging out with her girlfriends and seemed to be having a good time. Then they started taking pictures of each other and were blocking the isle, so when the busy waitress tried to get through with dirty dishes, she said “excuse me I need to get by please” and was very polite, the woman just ignored her and tried to get more in the way.