That One Guy

Every once in a while, there comes along a guy, not just any guy but someone that has that special something about them that makes you stop and think, and maybe even reassess yourself and what you have been doing with your life and how you can make it better. The guy that I had to deal with last night was definitely not that guy, he was the guy that you watch interact with other people and think to yourself “Wow! I’m doing alright!” Not only was this individual butting into any conversation that was within earshot, he was wasted after one drink and, after being asked repeatedly to leave other customers alone, kept asking what he was doing wrong. Well, sorry buddy, you’re doing everything wrong. Girls don’t like to be approached by a loud drunk man twenty plus years older than them, especially when he is encroaching on a conversation that they are having with an obvious close friend. I give you one nice warning, one warning with my dad voice, and then it’s time to go! No more drinks, no more fist bumps and please stop apologizing to the young lady that looks like she is about to blow up on you. She is nice, but not afraid to give you a lecture about how to behave in social settings and send you packing with your tail tucked between your legs. Good day to you sir, and thank you for helping me reassess myself and my situation, I should have kicked you out sooner, I will not let that happen again.

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