Don’t Walk Away

As a bartender, I like to treat everyone that comes into the bar with the same level of attention no matter how busy I am, however, there are a few things that one can do that will get you less than exemplary service. For one, if you interrupt me while I am already helping a customer, especially if it is very obvious, like I am in mid-sentence helping someone else. If you are in a bar, that means that you are at least twenty-one, act like it and show some manners, interrupting people that are having a conversation is what misbehaved children do when they’ve had too much sugar. Blurting out an order when you haven’t been addressed, as if you have no impulse control, just makes you look like a Neanderthal, push your forehead back in and wait your turn. And lastly, if you make your order with the bartender, wait for your drink. I am not your lackey, I will place it right where you ordered it and it will get warm before I go chasing you around the bar to give you your cheap ass beer, just like the person last night. I saw her walking away and yelled “That will be two dollars!” She came huffing back over to me and said “Well, you better give me two, you must be busy!” I smiled, that nice little smile that says politely “You should probably go drink someplace else after this because this is the last drink you get tonight.” Along with a curt “You’re welcome.” After not receiving a thank you. I guess some people are a bit too entitled and don’t understand that treating other people poorly will not make them welcome. I am here to facilitate you having a good time, not to be your bitch. 

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