Lucky Me

On nights when the full moon is just peeking around the corner and the weather has been nice, a bartender might start to wonder what is in store for the evening. Are people going to get out there and howl or are they going to be mellow? Well, it turns out a bit of both. On one side, there were the party groups that were whooping it up (literally) and then there were the locals that were glad to have a nice busy, yet not crazy, Saturday night to get out and socialize. Then there were these people sitting at the bar looking at me smiling like they knew me, and it turns out that they did. They were from out of town and since they were visiting they thought they would try to find me, and after asking around at a couple of bars they accomplished their mission. I had the good fortune to meet this couple with my family in a shelter in 2017 in the Dominican Republic during hurricane Irma, in which we spent 16 hours. After the storm passed we met up for drinks and shots to celebrate our good fortune. These awesome people took time out of their vacation to come and say hi to me, to them I say thank you. The rest of the night was a breeze after remembering the circumstances in which we met. It’s kind of funny how an emotionally stressful situation can make such a positive lasting impression on people. The guy that was staggering around in the bathroom that we fed and got a ride home for, and the idiots wrestling in the alley behind the bar were much easier to take after the reminder of just how lucky I am, not just because of that storm, but in all aspects of being me. Salud!  

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  1. Nice. It’s funny how something so simple can bring back so many memories and put things in to perspective. That’s cool they looked ya up.

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