A Study in Idiocy

Yes, the age old question “What would happen if an unstoppable force collided with the unmovable object?” The classic Omnipotence Paradox, something that could never happen because if something is truly unstoppable then there cannot be something truly unmovable in existence as well and vice versa. Well, fortunately for me I get the constant study of the Impotency Paradox, which would be the other classic “Completely stoppable force against the totally moveable object.” Two of my shining stars last night were great examples of this clash of the titans, or as I like to call it, drunk and bummy vs. uneducated drunk white trash. Mr. White Trash was trying to start a fight with Mr. Bum who was more than happy to oblige him, so I stepped in and stopped Mr. Trash then moved Mr. Bum out the door. Yes two impotent jerks, one easy solution. O.K. it might not qualify for a scientific study, but maybe someone will give me some grant money for it anyway. If people get paid to study how much methane is released into the atmosphere when a bee farts, why not my Impotency Paradox? 

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