Good Intentions? Maybe Not

When someone tries to buy somebody else at the bar a drink it can mean several things, including, but not limited to, a way to say thank you to someone, an apology to someone for a misunderstanding, but more than likely at twelve thirty in the morning it is the classic pickup move. Undoubtedly one of the cheesiest ways to try and hit on someone at the bar, sometimes it is successful and sometimes you get shot down in flames like an old World War Two bi-plane and go smashing into the ground. Regardless, when a woman says no thank you, don’t try to verbally attack her and make her feel bad for not accepting your transparent attempt to get into her pants. That’s when I have to step in and say something not nice like “Look man, she doesn’t want your drink and she doesn’t want to talk to you either, so if you’re not going to stop harassing her you can just get the fuck out!” After which she said thank you and agro-man got all butt hurt and complained to his friends how he now “felt weird about the whole situation” and used that as an excuse to not tip me and sulk around for the rest of the time they were there. Kiss my ass man, you should feel weird about being a creepy jerk to a person that just wanted you to leave her alone. Next time I hope you get kicked in the nuts.

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