Blabber Mouth

Weird vibe in the air last night, I don’t know if it was the creepy old guy trying to invite himself to sit at a table with some girls that could easily be his daughter’s age, or the homeless guy that wanted me to call all the other bars downtown to see if they had his stuff, you know, jackets, weed, the important stuff. The one that stood out though was the doughy blonde guy in his mid-thirties. He was kind of normal looking, that is until he opened his mouth. He enjoyed talking himself up and talking shit to everyone around him when I wasn’t around, but fortunately my regulars let me know what was going on so I gave him his tab to get him out of there. When I dropped off his tab he said “Hey, I’m not done yet buddy!” To which I replied “Yeah, I’m not going to serve you anymore tonight so it’s time to pay up and move on.” Then he started to get a little mouthy and say that it was unfair and unwarranted that I had cut him off so I bristled up a little and asked him “Unfair? Who is in charge of this bar right now? Yes, that would be me. I’m looking out for my boss’ best interest and right now you are a liability so it’s time to go.” Tough guy didn’t have anything to say about that, signed his slip and took off. Of course, I didn’t get a tip and I’m okay with that, if for anything else not to have to listen to this blowhard anymore. It still baffles me when guys act so tough and talk mad shit when they think nobody can hear them, but when they get called out they have nothing to say. All I know is, everyone around was glad to see him go, sorry to whoever’s bar stool he landed on, I’m sure it didn’t last long. 

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  1. Hang in there brother. Hope you had a good set the other night. See you behind the pine soon. Love the writes man.

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