Happy Hour Gone Sad

There are a few signs that you should cut yourself off for the night, or in this case the early evening. Firstly, if you have been drinking for a good portion of the day, secondly, if you start drinking someone else’s beverage, not realizing that you don’t have a drink and have already been cut off and, I cannot stress this sign enough, when you think drinking the A-1 out of the condiment caddy is a good idea to try to impress the ladies next to you. I’m not saying that hovering over two ladies while intoxicated drinking steak sauce isn’t a bold move, and it will definitely get you noticed, it just may not bring you positive attention the way that you thought it would. I’m sure in your mind you may have seen yourself bare chested on the back of a majestic steed, wind blowing through your hair ready to invite a fair maiden to join you on an epic journey, but in the real world all everyone else could see was a drunk dude waiting for a cab that should have gone home a long time ago. Happy hour can turn sad quickly if you’re not careful.

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