Free To Make Bad Decisions

We do not accept prison ID cards in the bar, if that makes me a dick, then you can add that to the running list of things that make me a dick. I don’t need you to get all tough guy with me, that’s just how it is and you acting like a dick will get you invited out of the bar even faster. I know you just got out of prison and want to have a drink, I understand that this is the only form of ID that you have, and yes, it is very apparent that you just got out of prison, both by how you are acting and posturing. First off, let’s just say, good for you, you paid your debt to society, that is very commendable, however, I don’t think your PO would be stoked on you going out to the bar right after you were released. This falls under the category of none of my business, except for the fact that you do not have acceptable proof of who you are, you look like you’re sixteen and you look pissed off at the world. My suggestion, if you must have a drink, would be to have a friend pick up some beers or booze or whatever your beverage of choice is and go to a buddie’s house and go get yourself a suitable form of ID the next day then come see me. Also, keep in mind that I check the local mugshots page regularly and probation violations are a big reason that I see people being arrested, usually from making bad decisions related to drinking after being released. Not judging, just merely pointing out an observation.  

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