It’s Science Not Magic

Special requests come up from time to time and some of them are reasonable and some are not, then there are the impossible ones. Last night an early twenty’s young girl came in and asked for a drink, everything in the drink was something I could make, the way she asked for it to be made was not however, and it sounded gross. She wanted a vodka and water with a grenadine float. Now, I’m no genius, but it is an impossibility to float grenadine on either of the other two ingredients in that drink. The conversation went something like this. She asked for the drink and I said “Well, I would like to make that drink for you but the grenadine will be on the bottom of the glass because it can’t float on the top.” She says, in a nice snotty voice “Oh yes it will! I do it all the time!” I said “The only way that the grenadine will be on the top of that drink is if you are standing on your head.” So I proved it to her and her boyfriend just laughed and she went off in a huff to the bathroom. We had a nice chuckle, needless to say they didn’t hang out very long. Some people just have to learn that it’s okay to be wrong sometimes, it makes life a lot less complicated, trust me, I know from experience.

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