Time to Go!

When you are all of five foot nothing and weigh about one hundred and twenty pounds you should drop the scowling gangster-wanna-be attitude, put your ten-gallon trucker hat on straight and pull up your pants. You look ridiculous. Then, when you try to pay for your drink with your drivers license like an idiot and we take said drink away, don’t get all puffed up like you are going to be some badass or something. Simply get down off of the step stool and walk away with whatever shred of dignity you have left, unless you pawned it off to buy that cool oversized watch, or maybe it’s just a normal sized watch that looks huge on your tiny little wrist. Either way, please drag your sorry ass out and go someplace that thinks whatever it is that you are trying to be is cool, because I can assure you, that place is not here.

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