A Study in Genetics

Have you ever noticed the later you get into the evening the uglier the people in the bar get? It’s a pretty common thing and rather easily explained. The good looking people are out earlier and either with the person they are going home with already or have hooked up with someone and left at a reasonable hour. Now as the ranks get thinned out throughout the night you are left with less good looking people and through natural selection, the uglys are left behind at the bar. As they get more intoxicated they start realizing that if they stand a chance at hooking up they must lower their standards and take what they can get. Now, I see it all the time and it’s not cool, I mean, with all these ugly drunk people having sex, the likelihood of them getting knocked up increases while at the same time, the other reality of the situation is that the kid will be less smart, because of all the brain cells destroyed getting drunk, and ugly because both donors are. I’m not saying this is always the case, but more often than not this is what I see happening at two in the morning.

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