A Little Puke Never Hurt Anyone

While helping someone hail a cab last night I noticed something in the doorway of the business next to ours. There was a young woman, stone-cold passed out lying in the doorway, in what looked like a very uncomfortable position with a pile of vomit in front of her and all over the arm under her. While other people noticed her, nobody had stopped to check on her to make sure she was still alive. I walked over and bumped her foot and gave her the “Hey, are you ok?” to see if I could get some response out of her, as I have learned over the years that you don’t want to surprise anyone in that position too much or you may either get punched or cause them to piss themselves, or any other number of results in between. Well, she did finally stir and I asked if she was ok, she just looked at me and smiled with a little bit of puke on her cheek and said “I’m awesome, what’s your name?” I then stated that I was just making sure she was ok and did she need a cab, to which she declined, and then finally started noticing the mess she had made on herself. That’s when her friends finally stepped in and started helping her out. I was glad she was just drunk and hadn’t been drinking in my bar and moved on. I had to laugh a little though, and remember that we all had to learn some things the hard way, or in her case the uncomfortable messy way.

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