Happy Birthday! Thank You!

“ WAHOOO! It’s my birthday! I am soooo drunk! Please don’t serve me anything man!” Has to be one of my favorite opening lines by a customer to date. This guy was obviously intoxicated and his friends were just looking at me like “Really? If he doesn’t shut up soon we are going to beat his ass!” He whooped all over the bar with vim and vigor, shaking hands and being genuinely excited about being thirty-two. The girl with him ordered a shot, for herself, apologized profusely and dragged him out of there. I couldn’t help but laugh at the spectacle, especially when he absolutely made it clear several times he did not need any more drinks. This kind of happy go lucky drunkard idiot I can handle. No arguments from boozed up yahoos about stupid crap like, “It’s my birthday” or “But I’m getting married!” or “I just got out of prison Dawg!”  is a refreshing change. Thank you birthday boy! Party on!

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