Things That Go Bump (and Stumble) in the Night

It was a quiet and foggy night, the eerie kind of quiet that makes you feel uneasy, like something wicked is just about to happen, then the door flies open and THERE IT IS! Fifteen grown adults dressed in Hawaiian clothes, loud, drunk and looking for food at one in the morning! They came staggering in like a bunch of fifteen year olds that had gone to a pizza party and got into the old man’s hooch. Nothing like a theme birthday party for a grownup with no imagination. They ate, got more obnoxious, which I thought was impossible, made a huge mess and departed, after I told them I was done serving.  One guy even tried to bribe me ten bucks for a bud light which, by the way, would have over doubled my tip. Not wanting to endure any more of the drunken babbling, I graciously declined. Remember everyone, there are things that go bump in the night on those mist shrouded nights, lucky for me it was just a bunch of ridiculously dressed drunks bumping into each other. 

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